Why iD Veritas?

Onboarding and offboarding external identities can pose considerable challenges! The tooling and the process used for this is not designed for the lifecycle of external identities. This has serious consequences for IT security, efficiency and costs.

Read on to find out why you should use iD Veritas to manage external identities.

A common situation

External identities need access and rights in the IT environment to do their job properly, just like internal employees. External identities are often added to the current HRM system. In most organisations, this system is used as the source (system) for the Identity and Access Management solution (IAM solution). But this can pose a number of challenges.

The challenges in an HRM system and process

HRM systems and processes are not specifically designed to store external identity data. This creates several challenges:


Unnecessary manual work for the ad-hoc onboarding and offboarding of external identities.

No access

Account and access rights for external identities are not available on the starting date.

Incomplete data

Incomplete data from external identities as input for the IAM process.

Identity data

GDPR rules for processing and storing external identity data are different.

In control

Not demonstrably in control of the data of external identities.

Unnecessary costs

Costs for unnecessary work and HRM system licences for external identities.

Open accounts

Accounts and access rights of external identities are not (automatically) revoked after their contracts end.

Do you want to tackle these challenges? Thanks to iD Veritas, you can.

The new situation using iD Veritas

With its security-by-design architecture, iD Veritas is specifically designed to manage external identities throughout their lifecycle. iD Veritas communicates the identity data of external identities to your Identity and Access Management solution using open standards and/or APIs.


Real time

iD Veritas can onboard external identities into the IAM solution in REAL TIME.


iD Veritas improves and reinforces your information security.

70% decrease

Using iD Veritas for external identities instead of an HRM system saves you up 70% in costs.

Benefits of iD Veritas

Optimise your IT security and avoid unnecessary risks

Efficient on/offboarding for external identities

Firm control of the full lifecycle of external identities

Easier compliance with GDPR laws and regulations

Avoid unnecessary costs for HRM system licences

Wouter Rijndorp
‘iD Veritas improves your information security by making it safer and easier to manage external identities.’
Wouter Rijndorp, Marketing & Sales Manager

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