Tipsheet: On- and offboarding external identities securely and efficiently

Using external staff gives you more flexibility for scaling your services up or down on an ad hoc basis. The growth of hybrid working and the shift to online services has increased the need for external staff exponentially in recent years. However, using external employees also brings challenges.

Many organisations are struggling to implement a robust strategy for external identities. The process of onboarding external employees isn’t aligned with companies’ standard HR processes. This can delay the onboarding process and drive up costs.

Additionally, offboarding isn’t always carried out securely because there aren’t always triggers in the process to revoke the external identity’s access and rights. There should be a periodic access check to ensure that you have control over who can (still) access your data and systems.

What best practices will you find in our tipsheet?

Design a separate process for external employees
Get external employees started right away
Track the on/offboarding process in a logbook
Check access rights regularly
All external identities in iD Veritas

You can download and read the tips sheet directly via the button below.

Tipsheet beheren externe identiteiten - iD Veritas

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