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iD Veritas enables organisations to carry out the onboarding and offboarding process for external employees in an efficient, safe and controlled way, while remaining in firm control of the entire lifecycle of external identities.

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IT security, Efficiency & Cost Savings

iD Veritas improves IT security. It makes your work processes more efficient and saves you money by reducing the unnecessary use of your HRM system and the number of unused application licences in your IT landscape to a minimum. Indeed, iD Veritas interfaces with the entire organisation. HR employees can now work in a system specifically designed to manage external identities. Application managers no longer need to worry about whether accounts and access rights for external identities are available on the starting date – that’s already taken care of! And from a compliance perspective, iD Veritas also avoids unnecessary risks arising from incomplete data of external identities.

Product features

Security-by-design architecture with least privilege role model

Connect to all IAM solutions via open standards (API)

Data from external identities to IAM solution in real time

IAM user ID for external identity to be used throughout the data chain

Standard recertification (attestation) and approval process

Security and privacy first

The data of external identities is safely stored. With a security-by-design architecture and privacy-by-default functionalities, iD Veritas provides a ‘hard’ separation of data where each organisation’s data is stored in its own database. This makes it easier to demonstrably comply with GDPR laws and regulations.

Characteristics of iD Veritas’ architecture include:

Strong authentication against Veritas IDP or by federation

Hard separation of customer data and third-party data

Least privilege role model

Cryptographic key management (PKBDF2)

Microsoft malware and virus protection

Best practices for network security

Microsoft Azure network security groups

HTTPS/TLS/SSL encryption

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iD Veritas enables companies to make their on/offboarding processes safe and efficient.

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