For every active external identity in
iD Veritas

€ 5,50

Each month excl. BTW

Third party (add-on)

For every resourcing partner you have in iD Veritas
to manage external identities

€ 10,-

Each month excl. BTW

For standard

Including 24/7 support in Dutch or English

Available within a day

Available on a monthly basis

Invoicing at the end of each month

Automatic renewal for 1 month

Frequently asked questions

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Does iD Veritas work with my organisation’s IAM solution?

iD Veritas can be connected to any Identity and Access Management solution on the market. iD Veritas uses open standards (such as an API) to send and receive information to and from your IAM solution. This makes iD Veritas the optimal and purpose-built source system for all your external identities. Your IAM partner can handle this connection between iD Veritas and your IAM solution. If you don’t have an IAM partner, then The Identity Managers are here to help you.

Is iD Veritas a cloud application?

Absolutely. iD Veritas was born in the cloud and can be used as a SaaS service through a subscription. With a security-by-design architecture and privacy-by-default functionality, iD Veritas seamlessly connects to the optimal management of the lifecycle of external identities. In addition, iD Veritas is endlessly scalable and requires no maintenance by your organisation.

Can I work with my resourcing partners in iD Veritas?

External identities can be entered by your own organisation or securely by the parties you work with. If you collaborate with multiple parties, each of these parties can add and manage the data of external identities with their own account. The administrative tasks are carried out by your resourcing partners, while you remain in firm control. Of course, these parties only see their own data entered for your organisation. The security-by-design architecture means the data is stored completely separate database, specifically for your organisation.

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iD Veritas enables companies to make their on/offboarding processes safe and efficient.

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